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Our vision is to develop character driven mentally tough leaders who build teams that thrive and get results in today's fast paced and dynamic space-one at a time.

Training Programs

The need for mentally tough, character-driven leaders capable of thriving in uncertainty has never been more evident, or needed.  Whether you are an aspiring / developing professional, leader, coach, teacher, or parent -- your character, mental toughness, and ability to influence others matter. 

K2 Peak Performance provides a quality, unique and professional service, designed to help you be successful in today’s challenging and dynamic environment.  We eliminate the guess work by providing simple, science-based, and actionable tools to help you create character, mental toughness, and leadership capability needed to succeed.

If you are serious about being your best-self and taking your performance to the next level, K2 Peak Performance has a program that can assist.  

Character Development

Your character determines your future, identifies who you are at your core, and is why others respect, admire and value you as a person.  It creates credibility and inspires others to follow you.  We’ll help you create the character foundation needed to build the trust necessary to lead during difficult times.

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Peak Performance Begins in the Mind

To be an effective leader, you must be mentally tough.  You can't let go of the rope.  Creating mental toughness requires courage to step out of your comfort zone; drive to persevere through life’s friction; and resiliency to endure and recover from the knockdowns associated with difficult challenges.  We’ll help you become confident, focused, mentally tough, and able to perform under pressure when it matters most.

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Creating Consistent and Unshakable Confidence

Everyone needs and wants to be confident.  If you are a leader, or aspiring leader, having confidence is critical.  If you lack confidence, your team will know immediately, and even worse, they will follow your lead.  Poor confidence spreads rapidly throughout  any team.  Confidence requires preparation, action, and the right attitude, and this course will show you how.

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K2 Peak Performance E-books

We’ve created two supporting e-books designed as companion pieces to our character and mental toughness development courses.  Both books are incorporated into our programs, or you can purchase and use them independently as a stand-alone self-development tool.   

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"Performance Begins in the Mind"


Provides practical, actionable, and science-based techniques to  help you achieve Peak Performance in all aspects of life.

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“Guided Workbook”


Contains a series of assessments, worksheets and exercises designed to help you implement the Peak Performance Principles.

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