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Peak Performance Begins in the Mind.

As a Leader, it Starts with You!

What is Peak Performance?

Leaders live to make a difference in their own life and the lives of those important to them.  They push the envelope and live outside their comfort zone, and do so with confidence and intentionality.

This doesn’t mean they’re always successful.  They are not.

Peak Performers understand that results matter, but because they live outside their comfort zone in pursuit of meaning goals and difficult challenges, they are familiar with, expect, and know how to handle hardship, resistance, and even failure.

So how can you become a “Peak Performer”?

Achieving peak performance is not a quick process and is extremely personal depending on your challenge and situation.  Anyone can achieve peak performance, but it requires commitment to cultivate and grow. There are no shortcuts. 

I created the “Peak Performance System” to provide a practical, actionable, science-based,  and effective model to help you become a “Peak Performer”. 

My “Peak Performance System” is based upon three underlying principles and is going to arm you with tools and techniques that will help you break out of your comfort zone with focus, confidence, and vigor so you can make a difference in the lives of those who matter to you. The three “Peak Performance Principles” are:  

  • Principle 1:  Peak Performers seek self-awareness. 
  • Principle 2:  Peak Performers understand the linkage between their mind, thoughts, emotions, actions, and results. 
  • Principle 3:  To be mentally tough when needed, you must practice mental toughness daily. 
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The Peak Performance System

The goal of my “Peak Performance System” is to help you break out of your comfort zone, achieve your best-self, and to do so with confidence, and a sense of control, preparedness, and resoluteness.  I refer to this end state as 2CPR.  Where you feel:

  • Confident in your abilities.
  • A sense of control because you are familiar and comfortable with your environment.
  • Prepared because you have done the work.
  • A sense of resoluteness because you have confidence in your systems and processes.


Living with a state of 2CPR is a game changer.  Nothing guarantees total success, but the “Peak Performance System” helps to remove doubt, fear, and disappointment and replace these negative emotions with the components of 2CPR.

To help you achieve a state of 2CPR, I offer three foundational tools applicable to all situations and aspects of life designed to create the cornerstone for “peak performance”.  I then provide five situational tools to help overcome specific performance challenges.  All tools are science based, used widely across many professions, and proven to work when consistently used.

Foundational Tools

All Peak Performing leaders have a solid foundation built upon their character, good attitudes, and just plain grit.  I provide a separate course for each:

  • Life is full of complexity, uncertainty and even volatility. Being able to lead yourself and others in today’s dynamic and challenging space is crucial.  Having a “Personal Compass”  that provides a known reference point is a great place to start as you navigate life’s challenges toward achieving your potential. 
  • The second foundational tool is Mindset Management.  Our mindsets determine what we see, how we think, and how we act. There are several important mindsets available, but I’ve identified six that I refer to as my “Performance Mindsets” that are developed over time, play a key role in how we approach life, and influence the components of our mental toughness.  If necessary, we can shape, mold, and even change our mindsets. 
  • Finally, being a leader is challenging.  You must be confident, mentally tough, and able to perform under pressure.  I’ll help you create the mental toughness to thrive in difficult circumstances.

Situational Tools

Once your foundation is set, it is time to take your performance to the next level.  I provide a separate course for each of the following situational tools:

  • A Simple and Effective Goal Setting System to lay the foundation for Consistent and Unshakable Confidence.
  • Learn how to create Laser Like Focus for Optimal Performance through distraction management and mindfulness techniques.
  • Learn how to create Consistency Through Rituals to help improve confidence, minimize distractions, and create consistency in how you perform.
  • Learn and apply Self-talk, the Quick, Simple, and Effective Tool to Achieve Your Best. 
  • Learn how to use Visualization, the Structured and Intentional Dream to help create confidence and consistency in performance.
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