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  • Chapter 1: A Complete overview of my “Peak Performance System".
  • Chapter 2: Learn how to navigate uncertain and volatile environments by “Creating your Personal Compass”. 
  • Chapter 3: Create the foundation of Peak Performance by applying the six "Performance Mindsets".

You'll also receive a PDF file from my workbook containing:

  • A 28 question “Mental Skills Self-Assessment” designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your mental preparation program so you can create strategies to improve and take your performance to the next level.   
  • Four exercises designed to help you create your “Personal Compass”.  Being able to navigate challenges and uncertainty is critical and often, the most difficult and challenging situations have no clear or right answers.  A “Personal Compass” can help you navigate these uncertain times in your life. 
  • The foundation of the “Peak Performance System” is Mindset Management.  Our mindsets are a frame of reference or viewpoint we establish over time through our attitudes, experiences, and environment.  Each of us possess a series of default mindsets that determine our general approach to how we live.  Mindsets are like a pair of glasses; they determine what we see and how we think and behave.  Regardless of your goals, you can benefit from understanding your default mindsets.  I’ve created three tools to assist.

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