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Coaching Programs Designed to Accelerate Your Growth and Development

 If you are looking for a more personalized program than our self-paced courses, we offer one-on-one coaching programs that can assist.

Whether you are looking for a single session, multiple sessions, or the entire Peak Performance Program, we have a program designed to help, or we will create one tailored to meet your needs!

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Single Topic Coaching Program

You pick the topic, and together, we'll work to improve within your selected area.

Multiple Topic Coaching Program

You select multiple areas, and together we'll work through them to help you achieve your best.

The Entire Peak Performance Program

If you want personalized coaching across all areas, this program is for you.

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My Coaching Philosophy

  • You already possess much of the  capability you are looking for.  I'm going to guide your discovery process and together, we are going to unleash your potential.
  • Don't go alone, together we can accelerate your journey.
  • I don't use cookie cutter coaching programs.  I tailor each program to meet your specific needs.
  • I believe that resiliency, mindset management, mental toughness, confidence, and focus are skills that everyone can cultivate and develop to help themselves thrive in today’s challenging and dynamic space.
  • My programs are practical, action oriented, science based, and grounded in three principles:
    • Principle 1:  Peak Performers seek self-awareness.  They work hard to understand their strengths, weaknesses, goals, dreams, and motivations.  They possess priorities and have a plan to achieve their goals.
    • Principle 2:  Peak Performers understand the linkage between their mind, thoughts, emotions, actions, and results.  They also realize the importance and need to align their core beliefs, thought patterns, and actions.
    • Principle 3:  Peak Performers realize that their resiliency and mental toughness degrade over time and that being resilient and mentally tough in one facet of life does not equate to being resilient and mentally tough in all facets.  To be resilient and mentally tough when needed, you must practice these skills daily. 
Schedule a Free 30 Min. Consult

Schedule a free 30 minute consult and let's decide if we're a good fit.

Complete and submit the short questionnaire below.  I will review your feedback and schedule your free 30 min. session.  Together, we'll use this session to ensure we're a good fit and decide how we can partner together to help you achieve your best.

Schedule a Free 30 Min. Consult