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Your Mindsets and Beliefs Prepare the Way for Confidence

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

A short review of how the “Performance Mindsets” impact your confidence is necessary.  The growth mindset keeps you focused on growth, development, and improvement.  A positive mindset helps you to remain open to new ideas and opportunities.  The investor mindset helps you to use your time wisely and maximize opportunities.  A responsibility mindset places you in control of your preparation.  An all-in / all-out mindset enables maximum effort in achieving your goals.  The leader mindset helps you meet your self-responsibilities and sets the example for others. 

Combined, the above mindsets create fertile soil for unwavering confidence.  Likewise, any of their opposing counter-part mindsets create potential for doubt and sub-par performance.  

If your mindsets don’t appear to be supporting your goals and priorities, revisit the mindset posts.  Your default mindsets are critical and set the conditions for confidence, and without them, your confidence levels will suffer.   


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