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You earn confidence through preparation.

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

If you’re tired of the confidence roller coaster, the Four Principles to Consistent and Unshakeable Confidence can help, and when legitimately applied, are game changers.  The principles don’t guarantee success, but they allow you to perform in any environment with unshakable confidence.  Applying these four principles becomes a lifestyle.  

The Four Principles are:

#1  You earn confidence through preparation.

#2  Your mindsets and beliefs prepare the way for confidence.

#3  How you define success, and where you place your confidence matters greatly.

#4  “When you compete with others you get bitter.  When you compete with yourself, you get better”. 

Today, we’ll discuss the first principle. 

#1  You Earn Confidence Through Preparation.

Not to be callous, but if you are not doing the work, you have no reason or right to be confident.  Deep inside, at your core, you know if you are working hard, or not.  If you want to be confident, you must do the work, or you can't be confident when it matters.  The “just enough” mindset is destructive and creates doubt, and leaves you thinking “How could I have done if ______”. 

There is an inseparable link between confidence and competence (the ability to do something well or efficiently).  Competence requires practice, and a lot of it.  If you genuinely feel you are working hard, but not getting the results you need, evaluate your effort and systems.  Hard work is one thing, but working hard on the wrong tasks is counterproductive, ultimately creating more work.  Working hard doing the right activities with intention and vigor is entirely different and produces completely different results.

If this describes your situation, revisit your growth mindset.  Get curious and research what the experts within your field are doing and adjust as required.  Your actions and inactions are impacting your confidence, either positively or negatively.

If you have chronic low self-confidence, assess your physical fitness.  Fitness is the single biggest contributor / or detractor to confidence.  When you feel fit, you feel good about yourself, you have more energy, and are generally more positive.  Fitness has far reaching effects across all aspects of life including better sleep, improved activity, ability to handle / recover from stress, improved learning, better relationships etc.

You earn confidence through preparation.  There is No Short Cut! Ever!!  If your default level of commitment is not serving you well, I recommend you reassess your effort, priorities, and expectations.  The sooner you make this assessment, the sooner you can pivot and start working toward unshakable confidence. 

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