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Visualization for Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, and Parents

confidence leadership visualization Feb 04, 2022

Visualization is a powerful technique that individuals and organizations can benefit from.  There is a reason why professionals across countless fields visualize.  IT WORKS.

If you are unfamiliar with visualization techniques, take time to learn about them and assess how you can apply them yourself, and throughout your team or organization.  At a minimum, learn to apply the event rehearsal technique.  Rehearsals are a necessity, and an absolute game changer for anyone serious about their performance in any profession.

Encourage your teammates to explore and experiment with visualization techniques.  If appropriate, help them identify any technical refinement necessary to improve their craft.

Finally, like meditation if you are a skeptic, don’t deter your team from using visualization techniques.  You may not accept their utility, but don’t discourage your teammates from using a proven and science-based approach that can assist them in performing their duties.

Initially you may feel uncomfortable learning to visualize, but be patient and persistent.  Visualization techniques are science based and a great way to learn new skills, to reinforce existing skills, or to "get in some reps" and help improve confidence.

Remember, each visualization session is like a hike along a newly established trail.  The more frequent the trips, the more worn the trail becomes, and the easier it is to navigate your way.

Visualization tools are not designed to replace physical preparation, they are designed to supplement.  Without the physical work, visualization is little more than a daydream.

Give it a try, and get in some additional reps!!

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