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The Performance Mindsets

mindsets new leader Aug 29, 2021

As leaders, our mindsets matter!

Each of us possess a default series of mindsets that drive our daily actions.  Our mindsets determine what we see, how we think, respond, perform, and how we interact with others.

Our individual mindsets are a major influencer of our team’s collective mindset, and broader culture.

If unattended, we’re either an asset to our team, or a liability.

I’ve identified six performance mindsets common to high performers and effective leaders.

Are you growth oriented, or fixed?

Do you have a positive attitude (or at least neutral), or a negative attitude?

Are you a leader, or a follower?

Are you an investor or consumer of your resources?

Are you responsibility or excused based?

Do you fully commit to what is important, or do just enough to get by?

Consider taking my “Mindset Management for Optimal Performance” mini-course.

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