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The Inseparable Link Between Confidence and Goal Setting

confidence goal setting Aug 29, 2021

Everyone wants and needs to be confident.  As a leader, if you lack confidence, your team will likely know before you do.

The first thing I do with a new client is ask them to complete a questionnaire designed to help them identify their mental training needs. 

The survey includes a series of questions created to assess their mindsets, mental toughness, ability to focus, and more. 

The most common area clients feel the need to improve, without exception, is confidence. 

If you are serious about your role as a leader, you can’t separate being confident and goal setting.

An effective goal setting system sets the conditions for confidence by helping you establish focus, create a plan, and serve as your accountability tool to help you achieve something significant.  

First, a few interesting and recurring themes I’ve found from my own experience and research:

  • Every article I’ve read written by a professional change psychologist or life coach agreed that having written goals is important.
  • You are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
  • Most people don’t have goals, and of those that do, only a small percentage write them down and review them regularly. 

Despite the research behind the importance of creating goals, and the value of reviewing them regularly, most people don’t. 

If goal setting is so important, why is it not more widely used? 

The answer is simple.

Most can’t handle the accountability that an effective goal setting system provides. 

If you are serious about living an intentional and purposeful life, breaking out of your comfort zone, and achieving something meaningful, goal setting is a necessity. 

You can make goal setting as hard and complicated as you like, or practical, simple, and effective.  The simpler the better, and the more likely you will use them.  

Follow along this week and we’ll cover:

  • A simple and effective goal setting system
  • A goal setting framework
  • Goal setting for leaders, coaches, teachers, and parents
  • The Confidence Bridge
  • The Four Principles of Unshakable Confidence 

Have any ideas you’d like to share regarding confidence and goal setting?

If so, I’d love to hear them. 

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