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The Confidence Roller Coaster

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

I’ve not met any serious professional who doesn’t need or want to be confident.  Most often, our confidence rises and falls like a roller coaster.  When in our comfort zone, our confidence soars and when outside, our confidence falls. 

There are several themes common to these highs and lows:

  • “My confidence is dependent upon my ability to “win” or to be successful.”
  • “My confidence depends on how I perform in relation to others.”
  • “The expectations of others affect my confidence.” 

Unfortunately, this vacillation between the two extremes is perfectly normal.  For some, this range (difference between their personal extremes) is significant, and for others, the range is less dramatic. 

We have two objectives with respect to this continuum.  First, we want to minimize the variance between our highs and lows.  Second, we want a higher average score.  Ideally, we would have a consistently high level of confidence regardless of task or circumstance.

This ideal state is possible with two commitments. 

  • First, you must commit and work hard to earn the confidence you seek.
  • Second, you must make a mindset shift about how you define and where you place your confidence. 

If you are willing to make these two commitments, the results can be game-changing. 

I will discuss these and other facets of confidence in the next several posts.  

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