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The Confidence Bridge

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

Confidence is all about faith or trust in your ability to accomplish difficult tasks or goals during uncertain and challenging circumstances.

Let’s consider confidence on a continuum.  On one extreme, you are extremely self-confident in your abilities, and on the other extreme is self-doubt.  This continuum is dynamic and dependent upon your strengths, weaknesses, circumstances, and comfort zone.  When performing within your comfort zone, your self-confidence is extremely high.  When outside of your comfort zone, fear and self-doubt replace your confidence.

If you are tired of the “confidence roller coaster” and ready to take action to improve your confidence, consider your confidence as a bridge.

A bridge connects a void and so does your confidence.

Your confidence connects your past, with your present, and into your future.  Your confidence is future oriented, but completely dependent upon what you have done in the past, and are doing in the present.  This concept may sound outlandish, but consider:  the more practice you have in the past, combined with continued practice in the present, the more confident you can be regarding your future abilities.

When performing complex and difficult tasks, it is nearly impossible to be confident about your ability to perform to a high degree of proficiency in the future, if you have not performed extensively at or near the same level of proficiency in the past, or in the present. 

If your confidence is suffering, be honest with yourself and assess what you’ve done in the past, what you are doing, and what you have planned in the future to achieve your goals.

If there is a disconnect between your past, present, and future, it is time to get to work.  

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