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If You Can't Lead Yourself, You Will Struggle to Lead Others!!

leadership new leader self leadership Aug 29, 2021

Being a leader is tough, especially in fast paced and challenging circumstances, and leading others begins with being able to lead yourself.

So how do you learn to lead yourself?

Your leadership journey starts with an understanding that character matters.  Your character defines who you are at the core.  Your character creates trust and confidence between you and others, and most importantly, within yourself.  The lack of character creates doubt, distrust, and suspicion.  If you can’t trust yourself to do the right thing when challenged, why should anyone else?

Your character doesn’t develop overnight. It takes time, deliberate thought, reflection, and action.  Learn to live intentionally and purposefully by creating purpose in your life, having goals, priorities, and core values.  Start with the basics of taking care of yourself through sound nutrition, regular activity, quality and consistent rest, and emplace sound mental, emotional, and spiritual practices.  To be at your best, when your team needs you the most, you must be fit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


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