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Goal Setting for Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, and Parents

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

Having goals is important for individuals, but arguably more impactful and necessary for teams and organizations due to their complexity and dynamic nature.  It is extremely frustrating, and wasteful to be a member of an organization that meanders day-to-day because it lacks a consistent vision, purpose and direction.  An effective goal setting system can help tremendously.

Team and organizational goal setting can be a cumbersome process, but serve a crucial role in providing direction and orchestrating the activities across a large team.  If your team needs or is searching for such a system, my vision, waypoint, and habit approach can be easily adapted to teams and organizations.

As you consider establishing goals for your team, consider including as many teammates or co-workers as practically possible.  Participating in important processes such as goal setting gives them a voice, creates “buy-in” and a sense of ownership.  There is a significant difference between being told what your goals and objectives are vs. creating, or helping to create the same.

Have any ideas you’d like to share regarding goal setting for teams and organizations?

If so, I’d love to hear them. 

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