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Confidence for Leaders, Coachers, Teachers, and Parents

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

Teams and organizations have the same confidence challenges as individuals.  Creating and cultivating team confidence becomes more challenging due to the increased number of variables.  The good news is that you can apply the same four principles previously discussed.

#1  Your team earns confidence through preparation.  Your team will be as prepared as you prepare them.  If your team lacks confidence, begin by assessing their preparation.

#2  Your team’s mindsets and beliefs prepare the way for confidence.  Like everyone, teams have default mindsets, and if your team’s confidence is lacking, assessing its’ mindsets is time well spent.  Mindsets are both contagious and infectious allowing fear, doubt, OR confidence to run rampant throughout your team. 

#3  How you as a leader or coach define success, and where you place your confidence matters greatly to your team.  You as a leader or coach can create or relieve tremendous pressure by how you define success and where you place your confidence.  Members of your team will pick-up on and misinterpret subtilties of conversation, so be aware and careful what you say.  The team’s collective confidence is typically representative of the team’s formal and informal leadership.

#4  “When your team competes with others, they get bitter.  When your team competes with itself, it gets better”.  This principle applies to teams as well and is more challenging to apply.  Afterall, teams and organizations by nature compete, but leaders must balance this competition by continuing to focus on what you can control, with what you can learn by studying your competition.

Nobody, or any hack can make you or your team confident.  If you want to get away from the extreme highs and lows and create consistent confidence, you must do the work, and reframe how you view success and where you place your confidence. 

High performers earn their confidence through deliberate daily preparation and place their confidence in aspects of performance within their control.  Confidence is earned, and never given.

Implementing the four principles to unshakeable confidence can be game changing, exhilarating, and liberating but requires uncommon maturity.

Remember, competence leads to confidence, and incompetence leads to a sense of inadequacy / inferiority.  Confidence, effort, and competence are inseparable.  If you are doing the work, giving 100%, you have earned the right to be confident that you are as prepared as possible.    

There is no more fulfilling sensation than knowing you are prepared and have given your best.  How confident do you want to be, and are you willing to earn it? 

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