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A Simple and Effective Goal Setting System to Help You Achieve Your Best

confidence goal setting Aug 29, 2021

Goal setting can, but doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simply put, goals are performance targets.  They focus our efforts by providing a vision of where we need to go; provide a series of waypoints that lead to our destination; provide a means to monitor progress through supporting habits, routines, and rituals

Your vision:

  • Identifies the role you want to focus on and creates your vision of success.
  • Provides a direction to orient your time, effort, and energy.
  • Provides motivation, inspiration, and a visual image of how you define success.
  • Is challenging but realistic. Don’t accept self-imposed limitations by underestimating your abilities and fall short of what you’re capable of.
  • Includes a balance between “process” and “outcome” oriented goals. Most goal setting systems focus on the outcome and invite frustration and even a stalled or failed effort.  What we do control is the “process” or activities that help us achieve our goals. 

The second function of our goals is to provide a series of waypoints that guide you to your destination.  A few considerations:

  • Your waypoints connect your daily habits with your vision and provide the day-to-day objectives that you must accomplish to achieve your goal.
  • The waypoints are likely progressive / sequential ensuring constant growth, improvement, and progress. You may have numerous waypoints that contribute toward your vision.
  • Sometimes, we plan one series of waypoints, and find we need to make changes and take a detour. As this occurs, we modify or change our waypoints. Changes are expected, and normal, but don’t change them just to make yourself feel good about a substandard effort. 

Finally, your goal setting system needs to include supporting habits, routines, and rituals necessary to ensure success.  A couple notes:

  • This is the most important component of our goals system. A vision and waypoints without the supporting habits are little more than dreams. 
  • The habits provide structure to the day-to-day hard work required to sustain long-term commitment to your goals.
  • To emplace the habits necessary to achieve your goals, identify what habits are necessary by asking yourself: what skills do I need, what actions are necessary on a recurring basis, and what rituals are needed to achieve my goals. 


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