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A Simple and Effective Goal Setting Framework

confidence goal setting Aug 30, 2021

For the intentional and purpose oriented, goal planning is not a once- a- year effort, it is a continuous process.  If you are new to goal setting, or need some help refining what you have, consider the following process.

Annual / semiannual review

  • Set aside one week every six months to conduct deliberate and deep thought about your goals. Depending on your situation, this process won’t require an entire week, but it does involve a few hours of quality thought. 
  • It doesn’t matter when you schedule these two one-week sessions throughout the year, but conduct them when it makes sense based on your situation.
  • During your assessment, if things are not going as planned / expected, this is the time to ask why and what changes are necessary.
  • This is also a good time to extend your goals into the future.

Monthly azimuth checks

  • Use monthly checks to review the status of your waypoints and ensure you are making progress. If things are going well, maintain the course, and if not, now is the time to figure out why and to make changes. 
  • If you find your waypoints are too easy, don’t hesitate to adjust. Likewise, if you find your waypoints unrealistic, cautiously adjust.  An unrealistic goal is one thing, and probably an inappropriate goal from the start.  But lowering your standards just because it requires work is an excuse and not a legitimate reason to adjust a goal. 
  • Use monthly checks to review and ensure you emplaced and are practicing the correct habits. Some goals may have specific time sensitive tasks associated with them (monthly / weekly etc.) so use this monthly review to schedule time for each as required.

Daily reviews

  • Daily reviews may seem unnecessary, but they are important and where the real benefit occurs by serving as a frequent reminder of your commitments.
  • They also work to ingrain your vision, waypoints, and habits in your subconscious mind. This step is important and helps establish and maintain alignment between your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.    
  • If your daily routine includes a review of your daily schedule or a meditation session, consider integrating a daily review of your goals. If not, I recommend you create a time each day when you review your goals. 
  • Your daily reviews will keep you focused and serve as a reminder or accountability check.


How much progress you make matters less than the consistency of your effort.  This is the power of compounding effort.

To be your best, you must give your best all the time, to include when you are at your worst.  If you can achieve this, you are well on the way to success.  

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