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Self-Talk Techniques for Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, and Parents

confidence leadership self-talk Feb 02, 2022

As a leader, recognize and educate yourself and team members about the role self-talk serves in shaping our  “operating system,” core beliefs, and basic thought patterns.  Actively talk about its  importance.

Remember, as a leader, coach, parent, or teacher, your teammates, students, and children are watching and listening.  Your actions, words, and deeds are shaping their mindsets, their “operating system,” and the “programming” of their own self-chatter.

As you go about your day interacting with your teammates, listen to their self-talk.  When you hear something alarming, remind the individual of the impact negative self-talk can have on their general well-being, and ultimately the team and organization.  You may find opportunities to help team members create a helpful mantra or even a script.

Team and organizations can use mantras, mottos, and even single words to create or reinforce a needed theme or some other important concept.

Positive self-talk is a simple and easy tool to use to help yourself achieve your best.  You are going to talk to yourself, or at least think to yourself anyway, so it may as well be positive.  By itself, positive self-talk won’t win any championships or close any contracts, but coupled with commitment and hard work, you are more likely to achieve your potential with positive self-talk than with negative self-chatter.  The choice is yours. 

Like mindsets, you can’t allow others to program your self-chatter.  How you talk to yourself is important and your responsibility, not somebody else’s.  Don’t abdicate this critical responsibility to others allowing them to shape your beliefs about yourself and your capabilities.  Remember the Lanny Bassham quote:  “Your performance and your self-image are always equal”.  Don’t allow anyone to control your self-image.  It is too important and impactful.

If your inner dialogue is negatively oriented, you can use self-talk to reprogram previously installed operating systems.  Changing your operating system is hard work, and takes time, but it can be done.  Start with a mantra and script and begin to reprogram your “operating system”. 

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