The Foundation of Optimal Performance

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Character Development

Your character determines your future, identifies who you are at your core, and is why others respect, admire and value you as a person.  It creates credibility and inspires others to follow you.  We’ll help you create the character foundation needed to build the trust necessary to lead during difficult times.

Mindset Management

Everyone possesses a default series of mindsets that affect every aspect of life.  Your mindsets shape your responses, decisions, and actions as you encounter problems, challenges, and opportunities.  These mindsets are dynamic and dependent upon your strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances.  Learn how to identify and manage your default mindsets for optimal leadership and performance.

Mental Toughness

To be an effective leader, you must be mentally tough.  Creating mental toughness requires courage to step out of your comfort zone; drive to persevere through life’s friction; and resiliency to endure and recover from the knockdowns associated with difficult challenges.  We’ll help you become the confident, focused, mentally tough leader able to perform under pressure when it matters most.

Course Details

Intended Audience:

  • Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, or Parents looking for a system to shape their team’s character, mindsets, mental toughness, and improve their ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of optimal performance.
  • Student-athletes (18+ years of age), aspiring / developing leaders, or young professionals seeking to become the character driven mentally tough leader necessary to build teams that thrive and get results in today’s fast paced and dynamic space.

Teaching Style:

  • Course is self-paced and includes a combination of audio recordings, downloads, slide presentations, exercises, assessments, and surveys. When you purchase the course, you receive access for 12 months.
  • Will have access to Coach Kaiser via weekly virtual office hours. 

What’s included:

Character Driven Leadership Course

  • This four-lesson course answers the basic question of “what is character and why does it matter”. The course includes a series of assessments and exercises designed to help you identify your own “character strengths” and create your own “personal compass” to navigate life’s challenges and uncertainty.

 Mindset Management for Optimal Performance Course

  • This five-lesson course introduces you to the Six Peak Performance Mindsets; helps you identify your default mindsets; discusses how mindsets are developed at individual and team level; and helps you to manage, and even change your default mindsets to achieve optimal performance.  This course includes five different exercises designed to help you identify and manage your default mindsets.

Mental toughness Development for Optimal Performance Course

  • This three-lesson course begins with a discussion of what mental toughness is and why it is important;  introduces you to the five components of performance;  does a deep-dive on mental toughness, the integrative component, to help you achieve your most difficult goals and overcome life’s friction.  This course includes two exercises designed to help you assess and improve within each performance component.
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Benefits of this Course

These courses are going to help you become the character driven mentally tough leader necessary to build teams that thrive and get results in today’s fast paced and dynamic space.  Specifically, these courses will help you: 

  • Improve your self-awareness and guide you closer toward an aligned state between your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.
  • Better understand your own character and be able to shape and cultivate it to become the character driven leader you aspire to be.
  • Realize the important role your default mindsets serve in all aspects of life and be able to identify and nurture them as necessary to achieve optimal performance.
  • Understand what mental toughness is and how it interacts with the other components of performance. You will learn how to improve within each to achieve your most important goals and overcome difficult challenges.
  • As a leader, coach, teacher, or parent, you will learn how to apply these same concepts to help your team become a “character driven, mentally tough team that thrives and gets results!!!”
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Purchase All Foundational Courses