Situational Tools for Optimal Performance

Once your foundational tools are in place, it is time to take your performance to the next level by creating unshakable confidence and laser-like focus through goal setting, mindfulness, visualization, self-talk, rituals, and other techniques.


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Creating Consistent and Unshakable Confidence

Everyone needs and wants to be confident.  If you are a leader, or aspiring leader, having confidence is critical.  If you lack confidence, your team will know immediately, and even worse, they will follow your lead.  Poor confidence spreads rapidly throughout any team.  Confidence requires preparation, action, and the right attitude, and this course will show you how.

Laser Like Focus for Optimal Performance

Distraction silently consumes your time and energy, hinders your ability to focus, negatively impacts your health and relationships, impedes your ability to conduct deep work, and inhibits your ability to intently listen to those who are important to you.  Learning to manage distractions, control your thoughts, and how to create focus couldn’t be more timely or important as a leader.  

How often do you find yourself thinking about the past or the future when you should focus on the present.  These cognitive distractions are the “mother of all distractions”, and the most difficult to manage.  If you are like most, we spend about half our time thinking about something other than what we are doing.  Not only does this hinder our effectiveness, but it also impacts our happiness.  Are you ready to learn how to take on this serious problem so you can be fully engaged, lead your team, and perform at your best?  We'll show you how!

Consistency Through Rituals

There are many aspects of performance you don’t control, but in challenging and difficult circumstances, focusing on what you do control can be a major benefit.  Performance rituals help you create focus and “get in the zone”; establish consistency in preparation; and increase your sense of control and preparedness.  We’ll help you perform and lead at your best by creating practical and effective rituals.


According to one study, we talk to ourselves at a pace of approximately 4,000 words a minute.  At 4,000 words a minute, consider the volume of self-talk you’re exposed to daily.  More importantly, ask yourself if your inner dialogue is generally constructive, or destructive.  Whether you realize it or not, your self-talk is constantly reinforcing your default mindsets and is either helping you achieve your goals or hindering your effort.  Self-talk is a simple and powerful tool that can significantly affect your performance both positively AND NEGATIVELY.  Learn how to leverage this inner chatter to achieve optimal performance.


If you can visualize your goal, you can achieve it.  Visualization is a powerful tool to help you bridge the gap between where you are along your path to achievement and where you aspire to be.  Consider visualization as a structured and intentional dream, a mental rehearsal used to prepare for an upcoming event or to help you achieve a goal.  We’ll help you apply visualization techniques to learn new skills, “get in some additional reps”, and achieve your long-term goals.

Course Details

Intended Audience:

  • Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, or Parents looking for a system to shape their team’s character, mindsets, mental toughness, and improve their ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of optimal performance.
  • Student-athletes (18+ years of age), aspiring / developing leaders, or young professionals seeking to become the character driven mentally tough leader necessary to build teams that thrive and get results in today’s fast paced and dynamic space.

Teaching Style:

  • Course is self-paced and includes a combination of audio recordings, downloads, slide presentations, exercises, assessments, and surveys. When you purchase the course, you receive access for 12 months.
  • Will have access to Coach Kaiser via weekly virtual office hours.


What’s Included

Character Driven Leadership Course

  • This four-lesson course answers the basic question of “what is character and why does it matter”. The course includes a series of assessments and exercises designed to help you identify your own “character strengths” and create your own “personal compass” to navigate life’s challenges and uncertainty.

 Mindset Management for Optimal Performance Course

  • This five-lesson course introduces you to the Six Peak Performance Mindsets; helps you identify your default mindsets; discusses how mindsets are developed at individual and team level; and helps you to manage, and even change your default mindsets to achieve optimal performance.  This course includes five different exercises designed to help you identify and manage your default mindsets.

Mental toughness Development for Optimal Performance Course

  • This three-lesson course begins with a discussion of what mental toughness is and why it is important;  introduces you to the five components of performance;  does a deep-dive on mental toughness, the integrative component, to help you achieve your most difficult goals and overcome life’s friction.  This course includes two exercises designed to help you assess and improve within each performance component.
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The Result

A Character Driven, Mentally Tough, Confident, and Inspiring Leader of Character!!

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Purchase All Situational Tool Courses