“You will become what you think about most:  your success or failure in anything, large or small, will depend on your programming-what you accept from others, and what you say when you talk to yourself”.

Shad Helmstetter (What to Say When You Talk to Yourself)


“Your performance and your self-image are always equal”. 

Lanny Bassham (With Winning in Mind)

Self-talk is the constant dialogue we have with ourselves.  Some whisper to themselves, while others only think to themselves.  Both are normal, but this self-dialogue is critical to our performance. 

Self-talk creates an unconscious “operating system” that runs in the background that we typically don’t even realize.  A ‘healthy operating system” keeps us running smoothly and in a neutral to positive manner.  A “negative operating system” makes us vulnerable to “viruses” and hinders all aspects of our life.

Just like a computer’s operating system, self-talk continuously influences our thought patterns, shapes our performance and behavior in all aspects of life, and most importantly, creates and reinforces our belief system.  The more frequently we talk to ourselves, the more we reinforce this cycle, and the more likely it becomes our reality.

Find out how to create a positive and constructive “operating system” to achieve your optimal performance.


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Course Details

Intended Audience:

  • Aspiring / developing leaders,  young professionals seeking to improve their confidence in support of any goal, major challenge, or to simply overcome life’s friction, or student-athletes (18+ years of age).

  • Leaders, teachers, coaches, or parents looking for a system to improve their team’s focus, confidence, mental toughness, and ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of optimal performance.

Teaching Style:

  • Course is self-paced and includes a combination of audio recordings, downloads, slide presentations, exercises, assessments, and surveys. When you purchase the course, you receive access for six months.
  • Will have access to Coach Kaiser via weekly virtual office hours.  

 What’s included:

  • A “Mental Skills Self-Assessment” download designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your mental preparation program so you can create strategies to improve and take your performance to the next level. Key areas include mindset management, mental toughness development, confidence, focus, and consistency.  Although this course only includes self-talk techniques, you may find the self-assessment useful.

  • A short review of the “Peak Performance System” including: the concept of 2CPR, underlying principles, foundational tools, and situational tools designed to help you improve your confidence, mental toughness, focus, and ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of your goals and life’s challenges.

  • A simple review of the science behind self-talk and how it influences your mindsets and ultimately how you think and experience life.

  • Three simple to use self-talk techniques including a reset phrase, mantra, and the integrative tool,  “the script” to help create confidence, focus, and grit.

  • For leaders, coaches, teachers, and parents, learn how to leverage self-talk to create the “operating system,” core beliefs, and basic thought patterns your team needs to achieve optimal performance.

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Key Benefits of this Course

Positive self-talk is a simple tool to help yourself achieve your best.  You are going to talk to yourself, or at least think to yourself anyway, so it may as well be positive.  By itself, positive self-talk won’t win any championships or close any contracts, but coupled with commitment and hard work, you are more likely to achieve your potential with positive self-talk than with negative self-chatter.  The choice is yours. 

Like mindsets, you can’t allow others to program your self-chatter.  How you talk to yourself is important and your responsibility, not somebody else’s.  Don’t abdicate this critical responsibility to others allowing them to shape your beliefs about yourself and your capabilities.  Don’t allow anyone to control your self-image.  It is too important and impactful.

If your inner dialogue is negatively oriented, you can use self-talk to reprogram previously installed operating systems.  Changing your operating system is hard work, takes time, but possible.  Start with a mantra and script and begin to reprogram your “operating system”. 

The result:  another mental skill designed to help you and your team achieve your best.

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