This eleven-lesson course is all about creating the mental skills necessary to become the character driven and mentally tough leader you need to be.  We use a three-step process of learn, apply, and reflect to teach the mental preparation skills necessary to thrive in challenging and uncertain environments.  Presentations, assessments, activities, and exercise downloads are designed to help you conduct a self-assessment and create improvement strategies so you can move toward the confident, focused, and mentally tough person of character needed.  Each lesson includes a post designed for leaders, teachers, coaches, and parents to help implement critical skills.

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  • Immediate and 12 month access
  • 11 lessons
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All the Tools You Need to Become a Character Driven Mentally Tough Leader Who Builds Teams that Thrive and Get Results in Today’s Fast Paced and Dynamic Space.

Course Details

Intended Audience:

  • Student-athletes (18+ years of age), aspiring / developing leaders, or professionals seeking to improve their confidence, mental toughness, ability to focus and perform under pressure in support of any goal, major challenge, or to simply overcome life’s friction.
  • Leaders, teachers, coaches, or parents looking for a system to improve their team’s confidence, mental toughness, focus, and ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of optimal performance.

 Teaching Style:

  • Course is self-paced and includes a combination of audio recordings, downloads, slide presentations, exercises, assessments, and surveys. When you purchase the course, you receive access for 12 months.
  • Will have access to Coach Kaiser via weekly virtual office hours.  

 What’s included:

  • Lesson 1:  Peak Performance System Overview.  A short review of the “Peak Performance System” including:  the concept of 2CPR, underlying principles, foundational tools, and situational tools designed to help you improve your confidence, mental toughness, focus, and ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of your goals and life’s challenges.
  • Lesson 2: Creating Your "Personal Compass".  Your personal compass helps you identify “true north”, that never changing reference point that offers critical information to assist your decision-making process in dynamic and challenging environments.
  • Lesson 3:  Mindset Management for Optimal Performance.  Lesson includes the six performance mindsets; assessment tools to help you identify your default mindsets; and techniques to manage and even change them if necessary, to achieve optimal performance. 
  • Lesson 4: Mental Toughness Development for High Performers.  Lesson includes the six components of performance (including mental toughness, the integrative component); assessments to help you identify your natural tendencies; and techniques to improve within each.
  • Lesson 5: A Simple, Effective, and Practical Goal Setting System to help you establish focus, create a plan, and serve as your accountability tool so you can achieve your awesome goals and overcome difficult challenges!!
  • Lesson 6: Create Consistent and Unshakable Confidence.  The goal of this lesson is to help you build consistent and unshakable confidence so that you can accomplish your most difficult goals, no matter how difficult or uncertain the conditions are.  Lesson includes getting off the confidence roller coaster and the four principals to unshakable and consistent confidence.
  • Lesson 7: Creating Laser Like Focus. Lesson includes a basic discussion of concentration styles, the three common types of distractions and a simple 4 step process to create laser-like focus.
  • Lesson 8: Creating Mindfulness Through Meditation. Learn the basics of meditation, including its irrefutable benefits, and practical meditation techniques designed to help you defeat the “mother of all distractions”, cognitive distractions.
  • Lesson 9: Creating Consistency Through Rituals. Learn to apply rituals to help yourself get in the zone and create a consistent and relaxed sense of preparedness, confidence, and focus.
  • Lesson 10: Visualization, the Structured and Intentional Dream. Learn simple, powerful, and practical visualization techniques to prepare for upcoming events or important goals.
  • Lesson 11: Self-Talk, the Quick, Simple, and Effective Tool to Achieve Your Best. Learn the science behind self-talk and how powerful and destructive it can be.  Learn to use mantras and scripts to channel the inner-chatter and use it to your advantage.  
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Key Benefits of this Course

Whether you are a student-athlete, coach, teacher, leader, aspiring professional, or leader,  we all need to be confident, focused, mentally tough, and able to perform and get results under pressure. Do not settle for anything less.  Peak performance begins in the mind, but most focus on the obvious and tangible components of actions and results and ignore the others.  After all, actions and results are the easiest and quickest way to assess performance, but the untapped potential lies in managing our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.  “Peak performers” not only focus on actions and results, but also on beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Do not allow your comfort zone to be the #1 killer of your peak performance, or lull you into a false sense of self-confidence, or cause you to believe you are acting responsibly when you are not.  Find your comfort zone, get out of it immediately, and the sooner the better.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and prepare to grow, learn, contribute, achieve fulfillment, and experience life to its fullest.

Performing at your peak requires a continuous application of my three Peak Performance principles.  First continue to seek self-awareness as you learn, grow, adapt, and change over time.  It is impossible to understand and serve others if you make no effort to understand and help yourself.

Second, don’t stop your pursuit of  aligning your life’s purpose, values, priorities, faith, mind sets, mental toughness, and goals.  Creating this alignment may seem impossible at times, but it is the effort that counts.  If you commit to constant pursuit of this aligned state, you will likely experience its magic along your journey.

Finally, accept that your mental toughness degrades quickly and that you must act daily outside your comfort zone to keep your mental toughness honed and ready, so it is there when you need it.  The longer you live in the shadow of past accomplishments, the more challenging it is to breakout of the drying concrete of your comfort zone.  There is little time to relax.

If you are a leader, coach, teacher, or parent looking for a science based system to instill confidence, focus, and mental toughness within those you care about, start with my system, and adjust to meet your needs.  To be successful, you must address the problem with your children, students, or teammates.  They must understand the challenge, the costs, and the solutions.  My system provides you the ready to use framework and lexicon necessary to have a life-long impact on those you care about.

Mistakes, setbacks, challenges, failures, and disappointments will occur.  All of these are signs of growth, and indicators that one is moving in the right direction.  How you deal with them depends upon your mindsets and your level of mental toughness.  When we approach life with a positive attitude, provide maximum effort in pursuit of a goal that is aligned with our values and life’s purpose, we can perform without fear or concern of what others think, or worry about how we look or the mistakes we make.  It does not get much better than that.

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