This two-lesson mini-course is all about creating consistent and unshakable confidence.  Because confidence and goal setting are inseparable, this mini-course includes both.

An effective goal setting system sets the conditions for unshakable confidence by providing direction, milestones to chart progress, and supporting habits to ensure you are doing the work.  Once you know where you are at, where you are heading, and a general route, it is time to build confidence.

We use a three-step process of learn, apply, and reflect to teach the mental preparation skills necessary to thrive in challenging and uncertain environments.  Presentations, assessments, activities, and exercise downloads are designed to help you conduct a self-assessment and create improvement strategies so you can move toward the confident, focused, and mentally tough person of character you want and need to become.

Each lesson includes a post designed for leaders, teachers, coaches, and parents to help them implement these critical skills at team level.

Course Details

Intended Audience:

  • Student-athletes (16+ years of age), aspiring / developing leaders, or young professionals seeking to improve their confidence in support of any goal, major challenge, or to simply overcome life’s friction.
  • Leaders, teachers, coaches, and parents looking for a system to improve their team’s confidence and ability to perform under pressure in pursuit of optimal performance. 

Teaching Style:

  • Course is self-paced and includes a combination of audio recordings, downloads, slide presentations, exercises, assessments, and surveys. When you purchase the course, you receive access for 6 months.
  • Will have access to Coach Kaiser via weekly virtual office hours. 

What’s included:

  • Mini-course overview includes a “Mental Skills Self-Assessment” download designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your mental preparation program so you can create strategies to improve and take your performance to the next level. Key areas include mindset management, mental toughness development, confidence, focus, and consistency.  Although this mini-course only covers goal setting and confidence, you may find the self-assessment useful.   
  • Lesson 1: A Simple, Effective, and Practical Goal Setting System to help you establish focus, create a plan, and serve as your accountability tool so you can achieve your awesome goals and overcome difficult challenges!!  Lesson includes a complete set of goal setting worksheets designed to help you create your vision, your why, your waypoints, and supporting habits.
  • Lesson 2: Create Consistent and Unshakable Confidence.  The goal of this lesson is to help you level up your confidence so that you can accomplish your most difficult goals, no matter how challenging or uncertain the conditions are.  Lesson includes the “confidence bridge”, getting off the confidence “roller coaster”, and the four principals to unshakable and consistent confidence.  The lesson includes downloadable exercises designed to implement lesson concepts.
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Key Benefits of this Course


Being confident is impossible if you don’t initially take the time to answer a few important questions:

  • What do I hope to achieve?
  • Where am I currently at in relation to my desired destination?
  • Why is this effort important to me? Is this something that is nice to do, or do I have a burning need to accomplish this goal?
  • How will I get from my current location to my desired destination?
  • How will I know if I am making progress?

An effective goal setting system answers these questions and creates focus and intentionality to your actions.

This mini course will guide you through this entire goal setting system step-by-step to help you create the foundation for improved confidence.

We will then shift our focus to your confidence.  With a sincere effort on your part, this course is going to change your perspective about confidence.

With maturity and a mindset shift, you are going to experience a game changing, exhilarating, and liberating transformation toward consistent and unshakable confidence.

This transformation will take time, but with continuous thought and reflection, a gradual shift can occur.

Your benefit is a focused, intentional, and confident YOU!!

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